Vita Ilka Groenewold


Ilka Groenewold is a all-round artist. Her work as a Host mainly focuses on presenting and coaching. Ilka has gained experience in presenting at galas, exhibitions, conferences, events, seminars, over the internet, in television and on websites. She presents both for children and adults, and is specialized in high-profile events, in which she work closely with executives. She is a woman who loves challenges and tackles them with pleasure, both in German and English, or – at best – in Frisian dialect. She is warm-hearted and sensitive when dealing with the audience and always manages to create an entertaining conversation and put a smile on people’s faces.

Ilka Groenewold can proudly look back on more than 800 event presentations and over 100 hours on air experience. She is now looking forward to organizing the next event or to the next production with you. Her goal is to make your event a success!

My goal is to make your event a success!

When Ilka Groenewold moderates, she sees herself as a link between the clients, the audience and viewers. She manages to bring each and every single person together, enabling them to express their thoughts and opinions within a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere. “The art of moderation is to keep the thread of an event in hand, so that of individual sections of a show becomes a round whole,” says the presenter. “And of course: to captivate the attention of the audience”. Ilka creates this with a unique blend of charm, humor, friendliness, seriousness, freshness and professionalism, with both young and old. “My ultimate goal is to connect with people and get them emotionally involved, inspiring customers and viewers.” One of Ilka’s strengths is the ability to successfully present within the most varied contexts. Since 2002, she has successfully talked about a wide array of topics at events, galas, conferences or trade shows. And of course in TV productions and live broadcasts. Her goal is to make your event a success!

Eventmoderatorin Ilka Groenewold mit Guido Maria Kretschmer in Hamburg
Daimler JubilarfeierIlkaGroenewold

Ilka Groenewold saw the light of day on 06 March 1985. The true-East Frisian began at the tender age of three to shake a leg in ballet lessons. Until 2005, she worked as a dance teacher for jazz, videoclip-dancing and hip hop. In 2001, the television channel VIVA discovered the young talent and invited her to moderate the “McClip Show”. This was the final impulse for Ilka to pursue a stage career. She took more dance lessons, vocal and piano lessons, workshops, castings etc.. So that the dream of a two-year training for musical theater performer in Hamburg could finally come true. Thus, the presenter often surprises the guests at a gala with a singing performance. In 2012, Ilka started “American / English and Movement Sciences” study at the University of Hamburg and in the same year she was awarded the title” Runner of the Year” by the DLV. For her activities as a presenter and coach Ilka Groenewold has been awarded with the “Young Entrepreneur Award 2013”. Get more information about coaching by Ilka Groenewold here.



Name: Ilka Groenewold
Size: 168 cm
Birthday: 06.03.1985
Place of birth: Leer
Place of residence: Hamburg
Languages: German, Englisch, Latin
Dialects: Plattdeutsch, Hamburgisch
Graduation: Abitur



American Studies / Human Movement Sciences
Musical training at the HSE
Coaching with Karl Wachtel
Speech technology at Monika Hein
Singing Lessons 2001-2007
Dance training (ballet, jazz, etc.) since 1989
Video clip dancing instructor since 2001
Fitness Trainer Basic 1, Dance Instructor



Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Running, Triathlon
Specials: dance (jazz, hip hop, ballet), singing, sailing (SBF Single + Lake), golf (handicap), horseback riding, snowboarding, motorcycle license, Diving (Open Water Diver), Segway driver’s license, DRLG lifeguard silver, silver Sportabzeichen
Main topics: automotive, technology, sports, lifestyle, social media